I'm so glad you're visiting my Award of Excellence page! This award is for sites that display individuality and uniqueness on the internet. I like pages that are original or unusual or have something particularly interesting on it. If you think that your page should be JulieE's Award for Excellence, please view the criteria and submit an application or if your browser isn't capable of forms then send email to award@julie.itgo.com. Please be patient...sometimes it takes up to a couple of weeks for me to review your site. Good luck!

While you're here, I hope you'll visit my newest creation, Backgrounds By JulieE.

Latest Winners of JulieE's Award

Save The Light Inc. (Morris Island Lighthouse)
CART Rock!
Greebos Lair
John W Young - American & International Hero
The Gimp Domain
Get Some Culture

September Winners of JulieE's Award

Visions and Dreams

Mind Your Own Business

Catchouts Place

UFO's The Beginning of a New World

Canines.Com World of Dogs & Training

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