Past Winners of JulieE's Award

Cheeseburger in Paradise II
JFK Memories
Wile E's Desert
Arkansas Paranormal Investigation
The Pearl Dropper
The Niner Faithful Page
Eileen's Recipes & More
World of Free
Steven W. Walenta
Titanic - A Modern Masterpiece
Button Dome
Scheherazade's Little Bohemia on the Hinkson
Brainerd Lakes Vacationland
Scram Web
Maurits Hafkenscheid's Home Page
Eureka! Beksy's Kerala Home

March - April

Solar Eclipse: Stories From the Path of Totality
Jason's World
Programmers Heaven
Word Museum
Bazar - Your Resource on the Web
Domino Chow Chows
Any Swing Goes
OBE Space Simulation
The Wolf Lair
Tiggy's Site
Daniela's Home
Terry's Train Trax
World Wide Josh
Squadron 102
Joanne's Page
Gail's Stitch N' Splinter Patterns
The Top10 Movies @ the Boxoffice
Pure Illusion Unicorns
Mount Olympus
Fred's World
Daniel, A Proud Canadian
Early Illinois Women: The first One Hundred Years 1818-1918
Red's Hawaii Homepage
Nunnie's Spot on the Web
Sweetcake's FREEbees
Sir John's PowWow Page
GreyWolf's Lair
Beidler Forest Audubon Swamp
Death of a dream.......TITANIC
Secell TeensPage
Aunt Sissie's Secret Hideaway
JR's Photopage
Planet of the Apes Web Site
McKenna's Kennel
Andy's Homepage
Kelly's Home Page

January - February

Breakfast At Anne's
Net Novels
Ninikins' Korner
The Enabling Garden
Welcome to the Gilbertson Family
Keystone Angel's Home Page
Global Access to Educational Sources
Jasmin's Weblication of Love
Richland High School Bomber Band Program
Goatboy's San Jose Sharks Page
Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps
Illustrations From Lee's Portfolio
J-A-ZZ (Jazz-from-A-to-ZZ)
Sublime By GreenDog
The CyberGalaxy Chat!
Sparra`s Nest
The Grandfather Of All Links
DailyStory - Teens Helping Teens
Mary Jane's Titanic Page
Julie's New Home in Cyberspace
Kristie's Place
Strathmore Colony: A KLINGON Outpost
Lady's Freebie Collection
Magic Vally Herd Page
~Alinia's Domain~
Kovarikova & Novotny Homepage
Savage Garden
Native Trails
Sunnie's Disney Den
Kitty's Korner
Allie Caets Zoo
The Music of My Mind
Diving Around The World
Robin's Genealogy Page
The World Of Young Stars
DragonHearts Home
Carolyn's World
Steve's Page of Poetry
Lyndon & Lynnette's Home Page
Awards Jungle
Raccyn's Nascar Page
Pinkheart Flower's Art
Diva's Domain

November & December winners

Jokes for the Jolly
Love Letters & Poems
The Wizards
Openwing's Home Page
SillyAmy's Homepage
Lady Jestyr's Crypt
Aine's Faery Pages
Christina Berry: A Cherokee Texophile

October winners

Gadzillion Things to Think About
World of Lady Wolf
GhostWolf - Out of the Abyss
Geography World
The Doody-Free Shop
BabieBlues Sound Excursion
The Garden House
Borders & Buttons by Nessa
The F*U*T*U*R*E

September winners

Vixie's Porch
Flights of Fancy
Karen's Cosy Corner
Totally Red
Nemo Nox Cyberhome
Lilly's Pad
Princess Diana Remembrance Arena
Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency
G Page

August winners

Background City
Our Little Bit of "Almost" Heaven
LanaSmile's on the Web
Julie's Home Page
Bakauma's Home Page
Harleys 'Round Europe
Toon City
Creatures Emporium
Claire's Web Page
Nicole's Gone With The Wind Homepage
Home of the "Labatt's Blues Brothers Award"
Elly's Slice of Cyberpie
Himalayas -Where Earth Meets Sky
THE END ZONE: Texas Longhorn Football
The Internet SF, Fantasy and Horror Television Yellow Pages
Rockin' with Elvis
Make Yourself at Home
Janice's Creative Design Resources
Vietvets Down Under
Pablo's Page of Literary Nothingness
Dale & Mary's Very Personal Home Page

July Winners

The BBQ'ing Home Page
Wendell and Charlotte's Down Home page
The Rosetta Omni Search Query
The Merry Band Page
Cat & Sam's Cool Homepage
More Than Words
Laurel's World
Music, Madness & Mayhem
Tornadoes and Tornado Research
Rena's World on the Web

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